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Barley Crusher maintenance

 · Barley Crusher maintenance. I recently began having a problem with my Barley Crusher malt mill. basically I would pour in the grain, start the drill, and nothing would happen. It would spin but the grain wouldn''t start crushing. It was starting to take a considerable amount of adjusting the gap, manually rolling the free roller backward ...

Barley crusher not catching

 · Barley crusher not catching. Northern Brewer General. mrbungeeman17 2014-09-25 23:14:23 UTC #1. been a long time since i have posted here. but i figure this is the place for answers. For some reason my barley crusher has stopped catching and grinding grain. i will be cruising along and all of the sudden the rollers will just start spinning and ...

Barley Crusher Manual | Homebrew Talk

 · 305. Location. Lake in the Hills, IL. Jun 12, 2010. #12. you just need to loosen the two phillips screws (A) then insert feeler gauge of desired gap between rollers and turn the knurled knobs (B) to adjust the gap down til the rollers contact the feeler gauge firmly, while holding tension on the knob, tighten the screw, repeat on the other side ...

Barley crusher: the settings you love, the crush you ...

 · just curious as to how you guys use your barley crusher. i got one 2 months ago and miss my corona mill. i''d get this lovely crush/splitting action. i can''t seem to replicate that on my barley crusher. i get a combo of dust and not enough crush (some grains look barely cracked). i just did 10 lbs of 2-row and wasn''t that happy. didn''t see many husks.

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 · Motorized Barley Crusher build pix. Board index / Beer / Brewing Equipment; Moderators: BadRock, JP. 22 posts Page 3 of 3 1, 2, 3. Re: Motorized Barley Crusher build pix. Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:13 pm. I''ve got the exact same mill that is shown in the link and the motor won''t even turn it over. So there is definitely something binding it up.

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 · Here''s a video of my flywheel motorized Barley Crusher. The parts were ordered from McMaster and the motor from the Surplus Warehouse and it is based on the BYO article.

barley crusher broke

2013-1-9 · barley crusher broke - posted in Beer: Damn thing won''t pull grain through no matter what. I sent an email to the company, anyone have any experience with their "lifetime" warranty? I hope they can do something to help. I was all set up to go, recipe in hand and everything. Crap!!!! I tried to adjust the gap thinking that might help, but then one of the holes got stripped to the …

Is a Barley Crusher overkill for small batches?

 · So I am starting to get into all grain brewing doing a slightly modified BIAB method. I have ordered some grains pre-crushed from NB (brewed two AG batches so far), but the crush is very course. I would like to start crushing my own, partly because I want a finer crush and partly because I want to "do it all" when brewing. My typical batch size for now and probably for quite …

Barley Crusher issues

 · Barley Crusher issues. Post by Dwayne Bretzky » Tue Oct 22, 2013 2:22 pm. I was almost finished with milling yesterday when I noticed the barley crusher wasn''t working. It seems that the corded drill I have been using for a couple years wasn''t holding onto the the crank shaft enough to turn the rollers. I was able to finish by running the ...

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 · It comes ready to go, even if you are crushing hard malted wheat. I typically get 80-82% efficiency with my barley crusher. "A bad man is a good man''s job, while a good man is a bad man''s teacher." brewinhard Global Moderator Posts: 4060 Joined: Sat Oct 25, 2008 4:41 pm


2006-6-7 · motorizing the barley crusher. if you read my entry about raising the edmund fitzgerald, you know that i''ve recently purchased a shiny new barley crusher. well, long before i bought it i also had plans to motorize it.. as with all home-made homebrew gadgetry, my first stop is always Mike Dixon''s webpage. can''t say enough about Mike. he''s always active and helpful in the …

Barley crusher not catching

 · "they also installed an o-ring around the secondary(non-driven) roller" Interesting to me because I got my Barley Crusher a little over three years ago. I used it several times and was happy with it. Then, when I was crushing a batch I felt the handle slip several times, but each time it would start working again. When I was transferring the crushed grain into another bucket I …

Barley Crusher Cleaning Question | Homebrew Talk

 · I got my barley crusher a couple of weeks back and used it for the first time two weeks ago. Great product! I love it. I had read that cleaning it should be done with compressed air. I don''t have that option so I had rinsed with water and then towel dried the parts. It seems I didn''t dry good...

barley crusher

 · barley crusher - malt mill. Post by brian » Sun Aug 05, 2007 2:23 am iv''e tried everything including a post hole rammer but the most success is a small roller mill i found at a home brew shop

Barley Crusher Problems may have been fixed

2014-10-21 · Page 1 of 2 - Barley Crusher Problems may have been fixed - posted in Beer: I had problems with my Barley Crusher so I finally sent it back to the manufacturer after a couple of email exchanges with the BCs owner. I was happy to find it at my door step this afternoon. The rollers look nice and shiny. There is a rubber band (a gasket?) around the passive roller so I …

Crushing with the barley crusher

 · Re: Crushing with the barley crusher « Reply #6 on: April 11, 2010, 06:01:36 PM » Both Zymurgy and BYO have had recent articles on conditioning grains before crushing, and having tried it, I am convinced, which adds another reason to crush your own at home.

Crushing with the barley crusher

 · I also own a Barley Crusher and would recommend it. I use a drill on mine and it makes quick work of the grains. I was able to justify the purchase with SWMBO because she found a Smoked porter she wanted me to replicate.

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 · As the ID of my 10" sheeve (pulley) is 1/2" and the mill shaft on the barley crusher is only 3/8". I also needed to tap the sheeve and clean up the threads so the set screw could go in far enough to catch on the 3/8" mill shaft. On a side note - my barley crusher came with an o-ring around one of the knurled mill pieces, but when I go to the BC ...

Barley Crusher Maintenance ( second time in 110 brews ...

 · Barely Crusher themselves, I assume. I guess you click on the contact us link on their page. LINK Found this webpage too reviewing "the 5 best grain mills reviews". Only one of the mills was one geared for home brewing and it was the Barley Crusher. LINK A horse **** page if you ask me. They label the mill as the "Northern Brewer Barley Crusher ...

Barley Crusher Grain Mill Review | Homebrew Academy

2011-8-10 · Barley Crusher Features. After looking at a handful of models, I decided on the barley crusher because of its good reviews in the homebrew forums. At $115 it''s not a small investment, but grain mills can easily get above $200 so it''s not on the higher end of …


 · Wegen Barley Crusher, ich habe die Mühle vom Hersteller bestellt, 109USD + Porto ist immer noch weniger als der Preis von candirect. Ich musste meine Mühle noch nie verstellen. Nur eine Walz ist angetrieben wie schon erwähnt, die andere wird entweder mit ein Gummiring ODER mit Malz angetrieben.

cereal killer vs barley crusher | Community | BeerAdvocate

 · DVoors Initiate (147) Jan 6, 2014 Indiana. I''m looking to buy a mill in the next few days and was hoping for some suggestions or advice. Both the Cereal Killer and Barley Crusher mills are currently for sale at adventures in Homebrewing for $100, and I was wondering which one is better or the advantages/disadvantages of each.

Hullwrecker Or Barley Crusher

Hullwrecker Or Barley Crusher. The Barley Crusher Grain And Malt Mill Morebeer. The Barley Crusher has a long history of reliable use and is constructed using materials that will last a lifetime. The Barley Crusher uses 1018 Cold Rolled Steel for the rollers, 6061 Aluminum for the mill body and hopper, tool steel for the axles with O.

New barley crusher?

 · Just got my new barley crusher . In the directions they say to run a half a pound of grain through it and discard them. this is for first time use or from an extended period of time not using it. I don''t have an extra half a pound to waste. Is there something else I can use? One more ? do I leave the gap set at the factory setting of .39 ? thanks for any help. and if there is any …

What motor should I get for my barley crusher? | …

 · A barley crusher will wear out after 100 or so batches. Mine started to crap out at about 100 and limped on through about 50 more before I spent the money to replace it with a monster mill. Either way it is kind of silly to go to the trouble of motorizing something like a homebrew mill when a drill works just fine.

best price on a barley crusher?

2009-4-21 · if you buy 4 or more you can get the wholesale price (I think). I don''t know the rules to be a wholesaler etc, but could be a group buty for the forum.I already have one, which I purchased from my LHBS. When I wanted a barley crusher I went to them to order me one and they ended up needing to ordering 4.

barley crusher

 · I got the Barley Crusher, and actually the adjustment is quite a bit more than the specs would indicate. I mean...7 1/1000 of an inch is very, very small. But turning the adjustment knobs (after looseing the holding screws) actually shows a fair range of adjustment.

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 · Barley Crusher Malt Mill. Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:03 am. So I bought myself a two roller, 15 pound "The Barley Crusher Malt Mill" a little while back from Northern Brewer. It''s exactly what I was looking for at about the price I was willing to pay. I was looking forward to my first equipment buy from Northern Brewer.

Barley Crusher help | Community | BeerAdvocate

 · Some help figuring out my barley crusher issue would be fantastic! I''ve had it for about 10 years, so it''s not a newb issue on my end. The roller attached to my drill is turning fine, but the other roller keeps staying still when there is a significant amount of grain in the hopper. It''s not too tight, I''ve loosened the screws as much as possible.

Barley Crusher

2010-11-26 · Page 1 of 3 - Barley Crusher - posted in Beer: So my grandmother-in-law told me to buy that "grinder thing" and she''ll pay for it. (Nice problem to have! In-laws ain''t all bad) I just want to make sure it''s worth it as storage will be a pain. It seems that Barley Crusher seems to be the standard, does it hold up well, will I need to worry about the steel rusting when stored in humid …